Supplementary Education Centre

The Supplementary Centre was already a successful business and had been for sometime. But in becoming so, they found they didn’t have the time to field all enquiries by telephone, and it was time do have an online presence. The aim of the site was to give parents a good understanding of the environment their child was going to attend and pure and simple; to give their children an extra curriculum education and into good schools with possible scholarships.

Supplementary Education Centre is a family run business. We have been going for 40 years now and with the help of Brand-ing have been brought to the 21st century.

The website design Brand-ing came up with captures the essence of what we are about. Using real images of our staff and pupils and giving both prospective parents and pupils an insight of what we do. During meetings everything was explained in detail and we were kept in the loop at every stage; making changes here and there until they came up with the perfect design for our website. Many thanks to Gary and his team at Brand-ing.

Gemma Parsons