SRHE Society for Research into Higher Education

Brand-ing were approached to work on the rebranding of SRHE, Society of Research into Higher Education. This large project consisted of everything from designing a new identity, website, conference banners and brand guidelines to stationery and Word templates. The website was built by IP6Net, a leader in enterprise class hosting and development. We are very much looking forward to building relationships with SRHE and developing the brand further.

In common with many smaller businesses and “third sector” companies the Society had never invested significantly in website development or design and most of the work done previously in this area had therefore been ad hoc and frequently in-house, as and when relevant skills were to hand. This project was therefore the first time in the Society’s history that we had commissioned such a large project and much was riding on the outcome. Brand-ing led the way in developing an identity, drawing on our inputs on what image we wanted to project. We learnt that good design upfront was the essential element to get right first before beginning on the construction of a new website and this was crucial and important guidance. Brand-ing proved very effective in working with key stakeholders in getting across their vision and establishing buy-in at critical stages and their involvement throughout all stages of the project including the complex website construction and testing phase was extremely valuable. As a company they seem highly adept at working with a very wide spectrum of knowledge within their client companies, dealing equally effectively with expert and lay inputs, which is a key skill with this type of project.

This project has been an unqualified success for the Society. We have launched a website which outclasses many of our partner organisations in both appearance and functionality and yet feels very much our own. The team at Brand-ing were hard working and dedicated, always available, and always willing to work through the various changes and refinements necessary to ensure the quality of the finished product was of the highest standard.

Helen Perkins, Director