Promise Promo

Scott Brimmell MD of Promise Promo asked Brand-ing to develop and further push their Company with a new and fresh site. We developed the ‘Promise Critters’ which add a fun and memorable element to the brand. The Critters are featured in animated movies on the site, and also feature in their marketing.  The site is also a portal into a sourcing area for tens of thousands of products.

Promotional merchandise websites tend to be very formulaic, dull, catalogue type affairs. We wanted something new and interesting, a simple site that would showcase some of our previous projects whilst presenting our sense of fun – basically we wanted it to stand out from the others – And it does! Pretty much everybody that visits the site whether a new or existing customer has given really positive feedback and agrees that it is that little bit different. Brand-ing have that canny knack of listening to the needs of the client then coming back with the goods – they make life very easy’.

Scott Brimmell, Promise Promo