Magma the brainchild of Marc Valli and Montse Ortuno, two highly creative individuals, whose vision of creating something far more than just a bookshop. ‘We think that there is something extremely rich and dynamic in the notion that people, all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, are walking through our doors on a daily basis, looking for something, not always sure as to what they are looking for.’ The Magma identity featured in ‘Cool Brands’ – An insight into some of Britain’s coolest brands. 

We have been working with Gary Ingram from the very beginning. He designed our logo and identity (while working for another company) and we have followed him, or he has followed us, since. I believe his designs have greatly contributed to give Magma the brand recognition it has. Aside from the quality of the designs, we treasure Gary Ingram’s extremely high standards of professionalism, and, above all, the fact that he thinks of every design problem in its wider context: how will this work within our business strategy, what will it do to the brand as a whole, how about costs and budgets, etc. It has always been a great privilege to work with such serious, intelligent and gifted professional.

Marc Valli, Magma